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QUIZ: Can you pass this AP exam?

Editor's note: This quiz correlates directly with the article by Nicole Shepard about the decline of AP classes.

Are you ready for a little AP quiz?

According to a College Board report, about 3.2 million students took Advanced Placement exams in 2013. And about 1.8 million of those test-takers achieved a score of three or higher, which is the passing grade for the exams, the report said.

“When students succeed on AP exams, it means that their mastery of college-level content and skills has been externally validated by experts in the field,” the report said. “This validation is honored by thousands of colleges and universities around the world, who award credit, placement, or both for the demonstrated accomplishments of these motivated students.”

The report also noted that there are more than 300,000 students in the United States who are ready for AP classes, but don’t sign up.

Are you one of those students? Were you too worried about passing an AP class that you didn’t sign up? Here’s a chance to see if you’re AP level.

Take the quiz here.

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